Why smoking is addictive

The origin of smoking: smoking is addictive, almost no exceptions, money does not matter, as long as enough to pass the smoking. And there more and more cigarettes for sale on the website. Until the body is a problem, only to quit smoking alertness. But stop for a few days, tempted addiction, and started smoking, smoking more fierce, smoke more cigarettes, the addiction that stopped a few days together smoke fill, before finally meet the cravings. Addict mouth cigarettes, will be accompanied by their path of no return, smoke damage to the end of life, to be their fate. Although some virtue of perseverance and success of the lucky ones to quit smoking, number of about 7%, while ever want to quit, but up to about 70%.
Indeed addictive smoking can be divided into six reasons to analyze: the first is the temptation of nicotine, because it is only 0.5 mg of nicotine, will addictive, and a cigarette on average more than 0.5 milligrams of nicotine. While still some tobacco companies in the production of each 1.5 mg to 2 mg of nicotine in cigarettes, but most of the tobacco companies have turned into production light cigarettes, the nicotine content of each of about 0.1 to 0.4 mg, but 20 per package volume , its still far more than the total amount of 0.5 milligrams of nicotine addictive.For example,the marlboro and newport cigarettes. Nicotine into the body stimulates the hypothalamus nerve at the brain produces uplifting feeling, commonly known as "cool" feeling, because long-term stimulation and exciting situations, such as stopping inhaled nicotine, will feel lack of energy, inability to wilt Mi, general weakness even yawning, tears, very sad. Hence the need for more nicotine to stimulate, to fun, more nicotine you need to smoke more cigarettes. If you change smoke light cigarettes are a heavy smoker, when the suction light cigarettes, will suck more fierce, pits them more support, nicotine addiction will be bogged down, not extricate themselves, and even suggested that more nicotine than heroin addiction, harder to try to get rid, is the truth. Nicotine in stimulating the hypothalamus nerve also stimulates adrenalin, and produce will concentrate and exciting feeling, but less than a few seconds, it will cause vasoconstriction, cardiac acceleration, pulse rate and cause cardiovascular disease, such as stroke, stroke, Sudden shock lesions and sudden death, are all caused by nicotine. Smokers in particular the rate of cardiovascular disease has become 10 times more than non-smokers, nicotine is the number-one killer, not too much.

The second is the habit of smoking action: Remove from the exquisite design of the cigarette in a cigarette, play with it, on the tip of the nose smell, placed in the mouth, out of noble lighter, crisp sound, emitted a brilliant strike sparks ignite cigarette breath, into the body, then spit from the nasal cavity, watching the smoke curl, showing mature, confident, satisfied, casual feel, real indescribable. This series of natural and familiar action, to become a habit, it is difficult to change.The newport 100s,Slender appearance,looks charming.

The third is smoking psychological: "suction" action, naturally formed in infancy. Representative: a. Breast hydrolysis hunger. b. Representative rely on arms of his mother share a sense of security. Many people still can not let go long after the share of "rely on" feel, need to rely on "breast" to comfort, so cigarettes for adults, it's another function is to replace the pacifier in infancy.

The fourth is to satisfy the taste buds on the tongue: Plants in post-combustion, will produce oil and carbide. For example, the tar in cigarettes, it carries a sweet taste, bitter taste, but with a sort of spicy flavor, formed a very complex flavor. Just start smoking, do not feel tasty, but over time to adapt, and become a favorite habit of taste, often miss this taste, which leads to the desire to smoke.

The fifth is to meet the nose of smell: Plants in the combustion air will be distributed special flavor. Such as cigarettes plus miscellaneous a little spice, and makes smokers addicted.

Sixth is the influence of the environment: the association smoker friends and environment, chat, socialize, work and other daily lives, always can't leave cigarette, they may be share a website that sale cigarette cartons for cheap. think about it, a person want to quit, so under the influence of the environment, it is impossible to quit smoking successfully, even want to quit are afraid to mention, so as not to become a laughing stock, even losing friends