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according to foreign media, Xinhua, a new study may help push relevant departments of the regulation, limiting the amount of nicotine in cigarettes.The researchers found that smokers to smoke cigarette a special low nicotine content can reduce smoking, are more likely to quit smoking. According to the Associated Press reported on September 30, the study lasted six weeks.The researchers said that at present there is only some preliminary evidence.But they said that perhaps it was safe that nicotine content was reduced to below level addiction , which can let a person to reduce smoking.He said, "Our study shows that it is feasible", that people would not smoke more frequently because of nicotine intake. The research was published in the New England journal of medicine. Some of the earlier studies have shown that people may not be addictive if the content of nicotine in tobacco will be limited to 0.7 mg per gram. At the university of Wisconsin, Madison, tobacco researchers Dr Michael fiori and timothy Dr. Buck wrote in the journal that reducing nicotine content policy have the space, "It may help to eliminate" smoking. Our Newport and Marlboro cigarettes with 0.6 nicotine in tobacco, tested by the tobacco researchers at the university of Wisconsin, may not be addictive and help to eliminate smoking.Our Newport and Marlboro cigarettes have become comfortable and acceptable cigarettes for many enjoyable people. As the stressful and developed life comes, our Newport and Marlboro cigarettes can help you run away and forget the trouble.

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