I can not quick smoking



I have forgotten when I met Newport and Marlboro cigarettes. Some people say that emotional pain is heartbroken, which was how I could know it. I love Newport and Marlboro cigarettes deeply, which numb myself. This should be regarded as a kind of escape. I was so weak and always used the words to soothe myself, “Smoking hurts lung but I will never feel sad.”

That year I met a girl. I was in the age of first awakening love, which is full of temptation.Her beauty suffocated me. At that time the love was pure, no attempt.We deeply love each other. We had made a naive pledge which was that we would stay together until we became old.We spent our Childish time, which were so happy.But innocence eventually arrived in reality. What we called love had to end in the adult's opposition.Reality was cruel, but also let me learn to mature and strong.At that moment I cried with unwilling tears flowing out. For the first time I realized the feeling of heartache such as losing relatives. It vanished in my anger when I met Newport and Marlboro cigarettes. I took Newport and Marlboro cigarettes a bite, which choked me very much. My tears flew out. The feeling of hot burning stimulated me. I used to cry aloud as if the world gave myself up. But I took Newport and Marlboro cigarettes, which help me find myself again. I fell in love with cigarettes.

Forcing the pressure from the realistic society, everyone is wearing a painted mask. We return naked and feel relaxed when night falls. But it's so tired.Childish feeling has no longer come up in my life. The smile like a child only can come out in my dream. Take a Newport or Marlboro cigarettes and enjoy yourselves if tired. Do not be worried. Newport and Marlboro cigarettes are always accompanying you together.