From hate to acceptance and then liking it

From hate to acceptance and then liking it, I think that the process is dramatic. In 2012 smoked, clouds and after black clouds, feel the Newport cigarettes is not nothing.And in May this year after smoked Newport cigarettes, I have completely reversed the attitude toward the Newport cigarette rejection and disgust.After pumping soft xiangyun, beautiful rhyme, prosperity, chaton series, feel more like it.Looking back, to taste origin, dragon world, xuan cloud, such as design, found the advantages more than the lack of shake obviously.Attitude is everything.A brand of Newport cigarettes, taste and smell the nature won't be exactly the same.Even if the same design of cigarettes, also on the factors of production batch, plant, and gives smokers a different taste and smell.In short, after smoking a cigarette, if you think of one of these factors meet your expectations, you will think it is a good Newport cigarette.And the paper a true man, its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, Newport cigarette is very perfect.

Opening boxes of Newport cigarettes, which is not bright and red kisses. This kind of the design is very old and new version.

Fine smell and elegant fragrance the Newport cigarette paper is. This fragrance is not pure, which is original. The sweet smell of tobacco, which contains the rich some fruit flavor.At the same time this kind of Marlboro cigarettes, is also different from the other style of the Marlboro cigarettes. Unique.

And the thick degree of flue gas closes to the world.This is a kind of light with the Marlboro soft continous completely different flue gas.Carefully tasting after each inhale and exhale smoke, I feel more alcohol Kennedy and feels ashamed. Massiness is preferred.The flue gas is mellow and not sluggish, tobacco burning is very fully.This characteristic also has similarities with the world.Just in the flue gas further mellow and delicate degree, really a little more slightly inferior man.Every mouth after the flue gas throughput, mouth seem to be very clean and no bad taste.Before and after the end of flue gas and disorderly degree is not obvious.