Something about newport cigarettes
Contacting Newport cigarettes, for the first time when I was in that moment, at the beginning of 1985 years or so.First Newport cigarettes is good on the market at that time, and then like a star start of a prairie fire.
Words - exciting!Combined with the positive young love, this kind of stimulation is need to force!Furthermore, in the young group, beginning to smoke Newport cigarettes. Popular fashion is a kind of regime change. Of course, I can't ignore the trend, revised after leave me bad review, in the summer of 1987, I resolutely went into the arms of the Newport cigarettes.
It was also at this time that I met Newport 100s. The goddess in my mind -- Newport 100s!
For the first time the first bite is really amazing!The smoke flue gas of Newport 100s is full but is a kind of rigid-flexible economic route, taste mellow, no bitter no stimulation. I don't like contact with Newport 100s before strong and bitter taste, the most bitter Newport 100s. The first time I smoke is Newport 100s soft package, soft package of later listed in the 84s, which did not give me as a surprise as the 100 s, soft alcohol lacking a lot.

Smoked as far as I can contact with the real beauty of Newport 100s, I think that Newport 100s of the soft package Newport is the best.
A brief introduction of the history of the Newport 100s, affiliated with the USA tobacco giant R.J.R once Reynolds tobacco group, which is in charge of RJ and camel brand, group headquarters is located in Newport 100s go by its name, belongs to the authentic American blended cigarettes, "Newport, good smoke of good taste", "the United States Newport, appreciate the spirit of" such classic advertising slogan, once thorough popular feeling. The middle of the 20th century American smokers is a choice. Now sales of Newport 100s is much higher than the beauty of the mix boss marlboro. Newport 100s is the brand of cigarettes any person can't forget.