The Newport cigarettes of my father

Since self-understanding, the thing I still can't forget is the Newport cigarettes of my father. The thick Newport cigarettes always emerge in my mind, drifting away very near the father bouffant hair.

That year, we were poor.My mother and father didn't find the right job, which made us very worried. But my grandma felt not well, who had been in the hospital.My father often worried about my study. At that time I felt so sad streaming down uncontrollably.When facing the final exam, I was very nervous. I was reviewing the lessons in my room to find some information about my study.I walked briskly to the front of the study coming inside a pungent smell of Newport cigarettes. I think that my father was inside. See him holding a Newport cigarette, take fire, sends out a smell, and burn out the Newport cigarettes around his father's head. My father braced two elbow on the window. He frowned. I felt that my father was full of helpless, rampant spreading by the father's eyes. That was my father.He was the only pillar of the whole home...At this moment, I saw him smoke Newport cigarettes facing the cold wind. My tears flow down quickly, and eyes was dim. I hastened to dry my tears into the study. My father saw me smiling and nodding to me. My father touched my head and said: "Baby, it's getting late. Sleep now, and you will have a final exam tomorrow!" He walked with heavy steps and went out. My tears came again.The next day, when I eat and I leap into the house to look for him, but I can find any trace. I asked my mother: "where is he?"I wanted to tell him the good news. My mother said that my father worked outside in order to our family.
Suddenly, my eyes came when his father was smoking Newport cigarettes. And the Newport cigarettes all around in our heart. I love you, my dear father.