Like the faint smell of Marlboro cigarettes
Like the faint smell of Marlboro cigarettes, I was obsessed with retro petrol lighters. Marlboro cigarettes is a kind of memory and is also a kind of aftertaste. The setting sun sunset, dim room, the raised curtain and a little gray light permeate the whole room. Keep quiet. You can lit a cigarette burning and show an easy posture, melancholy expression, a bit deep, a little bit lazy, and a bit of a rush. So mysterious, so calm.
Smokers heart of Marlboro cigarettes has a little pain, which is nirvana or good medicine for healing. Smoke depart, sometimes with a Marlboro cigarette time feeling life, from the light, burn, dim and eventually left the remaining cigarette butts. Smoke up and move. It has a flash in the pan, which has invaded blood.
One Marlboro cigarette butts is messy, whose soot is full of your feet. People who are smoking Marlboro cigarettes are always in the lonely experience, which prove that reason they exist. In pain, tears, cry of nirvana reborn. Somehow corner there will always be a bit damp, imprison, rotary. Only memories let you not return. In unknowing I had forgotten the taste she bought Marlboro cigarettes. The lighter already lost thick petrol. In a drawer I was crazy to look for the old machine. Helplessly in fact you had forgotten. Long time ago you have discarded it. Behind the curtain, the gray light turned like a sword stabbing pain your heart.
Women of smoking Marlboro cigarettes, who had frozen stories. Tiny and red lips, slim fingers, the bottom of my heart is drop of blood rose, concealing a vulnerability and loneliness.And like a quiet valley blooming mandala absolutely, the other shore flower which never meet each other. "The other shore flower opens in one thousand and fell in one thousand. Mosaic will never meet each other. Feeling is not for causal and life or death is decided by the destiny. "
Marlboro cigarettes is sometimes like a poison with numbness, devouring the remaining true. Marlboro cigarettes also has the tender feeling with a kind of combustion heat of life. The drawer of the Marlboro cigarettes case need to fill, with lonely smoke blood which must be forgotten in the volatile. Marlboro cigarette is smoked, only to see people smoking.