Beautiful Foreign Marlboro cigarettes

A chance to online looking for a new listing of cigarettes, want to search more information on the Internet, we encountered Marlboro cigarettes website. At first thought it was a cigarettes library website, which see small "BBS" word in the menu bar clicking on it. At that time because of too much plate and it's almost impossible that you fell in love with after more than a week of mixed plate diving quietly. Really learning a lot here, such as mixed origin code and date of each national camel Marlboro LM's taste Tax exemption.
To see a lot of foreign mix the essence of the great god write post, some Marlboro cigarette everyone say have blown, fantastic idle the price also is a rising tide lifts all boats.Hold a state of mind I also bought some Marlboro cigarettes. Of course, it is mostly about the Marlboro cigarettes.Here are explams about the soft Marlboro red cigarettes and hard red rogue employing.
Foreign Marlboro cigarettes in China is not popular, but I still would say "jinqiao soft mix". The price of Marlboro cigarettes is, the flavor of the foreign mixed I also can have, only in recent years local hard to find, just like"Christmas" slowly into our life. Let me slowly turned to the leaves.But in the opposite foreign mainly mixed, at first thought Marlboro zhongnanhai is enhanced, when I received the first parcel of Marlboro cogarettes carefully. I opened a bag of soft beauty. How beautifu the first really tough is!Having enough Spied alcohol Flue gas concentration But it is some meng.Another Marlboro cigarettes after a break, when I take a Marlboro cigarettes and a whole person seems to parry the afternoon this surge. Thick anxious burnt taste with oral man is like the taste, which itself is like the fragrance of chocolate flavor, but domestic flue-cured tobacco smell is basically soft hard white sands of the taste. But only the bitter taste to smoke Marlboro cigarettes.The soft pumping up can't meet you otherwise it is also very bitter.For Chinese people people think small mouth slowly poisoning pours out the full flavour of the flue gas passes through the lungs filter spit out, which enjoy very much. For domestic tobacco it's hard to do like it.Bold add puffing in tobacco peduncle thin piece and domestic flue-cured tobacco spell is the tobacco leaf quality. Although the peduncle to add more but my throat is very comfortable. This is the point where I admire Marlboro cigarettes. Indeed as expected is capitalism, decreasing the cost of Marlboro cigarettes would win the interests to maximize market consumers.But the United States is enough strong to use a double standard in the world. No marked physical and chemical index on Marlboro cigarette packets Without so large areawarning figure they are afraid that Marlboro cigarettes business will influence?Ha ha a joke.