LM can't replace the Marlboro cigarettes forever!

Beauty as a cost-effective high low-end mixed red blue LM is a kind of cigarettes foreigners almost like cigarettes as.
As for red and LM Some dry flue gas slight stab throat feeling.After the former half bitter, half sweet of at in slowly stepped to. But basically do not have strong anxious burnt taste.Thankfully the mix essence is at! Spend a small amount of silver to experience the essence of the mix. It's no wonder that prices so high, but LM is LM. The birth of the sex, so like Marlboro it still want to try the Marlboro cigarettes.Secondly, like chocolate beans and anxious burnt taste.
Thirdly, the Marlboro cigarettes are basically jin dading throat not stab throat Although peduncle to add more but the throat is very comfortable.Fourthly, I do not exclude a bitter taste. But it must be "no sweet without sweat" that is not as Marlboro cigarettes.Fifthly, Marlboro cigarettes activities more, maybe can win.
But not necessarily others like that oneself like. My side is only a friend of the smoke mixed But that kind of like 1 mg of that kind of, almost no friends at, when I took these lovely let relatives and friends, enjoy some directly not to smoke, threw away some Marlboro cigarettes and also being mistakenly thought with the cheap and Marlboro cigarettes of fool friends. Also make oneself very embarrassed.
So can only behind closed doors yourself, website published to smoke Marlboro cigarettes.Each reader you like to hold a game, don't like to do.
I wish you all a merry Christmas!


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