Enjoy Marlboro Cigarettes


#lin20160304#Just sucked into the mouth, marlboro cigarettesis different from a smoking Marlboro cigarette sucked into the lungs.Marlboro cigarettes is a kind of enjoyment, not smoking, avoid Marlboro cigarettes burn too fast or too hot.Smoke Marlboro cigarettes regularly every time a small mouth, slowly enjoy, don't put Marlboro cigarettes into a ball of fire.Maintain stability of the cigar unfinished, can fully exert its fragrance.An endless Marlboro cigarettes smoke, leaving time draw again, not shameful thing. Marlboro cigarettes, especially in tomato USES light color clothes, once pass long will lose flavor.So usually smoke Marlboro cigarettes first, then enjoy the dark cigars.Mature good tomato garment look greasy at first, after the mature will become more smooth, colour and lustre is deeper. Just tasting Marlboro cigarettes, to choose the best, like Minuto and Carolina small Marlboro cigarettes, and then the smoke mild taste, a phallic cigars, such as the export of Havana H.U pmann.Most people in the morning or after noon with casual dining, preferred taste with mild miniature Marlboro cigarettes. Experts is not off the ends of the Marlboro cigarettes ash, because of a certain length of ash helps cooling Marlboro cigarettes.In addition, they will not spit out smoke hard, just spit out gently, let I smoke.All can smell the fragrance of the floating. After a meal, a drink good Armagnac (French blue city brandy) or Single Highland Malt Whisky treated (gray m Single distillery in Scotland Highland Single Malt Whisky), lit a Marlboro cigarettes, qing smoke, including in the mouth, gently spit out is a kind of enjoyment. Marlboro Gold Cigarettes