Half Marlboro cigarette Girl

#lin20160311#Half Marlboro cigarette Girl, when I see you cry, my heart is also sad, because I like you, I do not know when it starts. Maybe it is from the first time i see you cry. I sit in there, looking you, wordless, yeah... what i can say when i am alone? But, I do not know from when , I see you to rub your eyes. You are crying! I am very sad, every time I see you cry, I do not know why you cry? I take out a Marlboro cigarette from pocket and stare at you. Although, crying is not a good thing. However, I see your other side from your cry. Gentle, kind, gentle and quiet...Perhaps there are many merits! Girl, why do you want to cry, can you tell me? I know, when I sat there watching you, you have found me. newport cigarettes coupons But why don't you go away or wiped away tears? I see you cry, I can't say how distressed, I worry about you eyes.We all know that too much sadness, too much tears can make eyes hurt! Don't you see?Do you remember when ?I see you for the first time, you are smiling! See you second time, although you are not laugh, but also can see in your eyes that you are happy! The third time, Newport 100s Cigarettes wholesale cigarettes while let me worry about. Usually so healthy and happy girl, but why you suddenly cry, and not for the first time, since i meet you for the third times, maybe I begin to love you, Another cry, I still took out a Marlboro red cigarette, looking at you?quietly in the distance, mouth smoke slowly cigarettes for sale flow out.... perhaps you cry too much! I can't imagine. But I have no courage to go to comfort you. Maybe because I did not bring a handkerchief. That day, I say I love you?under the role of alcohol. You're still looking at me, not talking, I don't know if I'm not saying well or it's not the answer that you want. But I'm not finished. I said I have been here watching you, watching you cry, I do not understand why you cry.But I do not have the courage to comfort you, so I can only look at here. Can you tell me why cigars-home.com you cry? After you hear my word, your tears fall down again, my heart and worry, but I did not do too much action, perhaps... Or because I did not bring a handkerchief! I unknowingly took out smoke. Lit, Sitting in the chair that I often sit. and you still crying. Suddenly, you remove the Marlboro regular red in my hand and threw it into the ground. It stamped out. I stood up, I looked at your face, but why not so many tears! You said, this cry is happy tears. You suddenly hold me tight. The cigarette, I looked the half Marlboro cigarette on the ground, still flash from the inside.